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{Wednesday, February 21, 2007}

Since Blogger forced me to convert this blog to their new system a few days ago, nothing is working right -- the template won't display correctly (even though it's one of Blogger's own classic standard ones!) and the archives are no longer available to anyone visiting the page.

I have therefore moved this blog to a new home on LiveJournal:

Notes from the Underworld (at LiveJournal)

If Blogger ever gets its act together, I'll resume posting here, but until then, this blog will be located at the above link.
posted by Persephone 9:26 PM

{Sunday, September 26, 2004}

Added a few web comics to the Links page.

posted by Persephone 3:26 AM

{Tuesday, May 11, 2004}

Figured out a way to add a counter to my LiveJournal. I'm using backdate to create a future entry so the counter will always show up at the top of my recent entries page.

Go me!
posted by Persephone 4:21 AM

{Wednesday, February 11, 2004}

Revamped my profile page with a bit more about me, so it's a bit less blah than it used to be. (It also now links to all my blogs -- including this one . . . )

What? You didn't know I had a personal profile page? Well, I have to admit I hid it two link-levels in from the main UnCoven homepage -- I'm a bit shy you see -- only those folks who look for it will find it . . .
posted by Persephone 6:33 AM

{Thursday, January 08, 2004}

The UnCoven hit count has registered more than 10,000 visitors -- 10,009 to be exact.


I built traffic, yes I did!!
posted by Persephone 12:08 AM

{Wednesday, December 03, 2003}

The Voice of the Spirits and Persephone's Personal Playlist MP3 stations are no more since MP3.com went bye-bye as of today. They had been bought by CNET which for some reason didn't buy their database of songs uploaded by various artists for their fans to download freely. The music library went offline -- I don't know if it still exists somewhere or if everything has been deleted.

Personally, I can't help but wonder what the point of buying the site was if you weren't also getting the music library & built-in fan/visitor-base. It seems a poor business decision to me, but then again I'm not a "corporate decision-maker" . . .

I don't know if the stations I'd created might be around in some form in the future, but for right now they're pushing up daisies.

RIP . . .
posted by Persephone 10:23 AM

{Friday, November 21, 2003}

I created a Crescendo plugin installer page since the Crescendo site is down. Nobody is able to get there to download a plugin, so I uploaded the relevant files from my hard drive (see? being a packrat can be a VIRTUE!!) to the UnCoven site so now visitors can fully enjoy the site, aurally as well as visually . . .
posted by Persephone 7:47 AM