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{Thursday, August 30, 2001}

Created a "Persephone in Performance" page to tell others where & when I'll be performing next. Currently I am performing with Four Winds Earth Chorus in "Inanna: Journey of Darkness and Light", a retelling in dance and song of the Sumerian myth of the goddess Inanna's descent into the Underworld. Three performances only in an Off-Off-Off Broadway theater in lower Manhattan -- get your tickets before they sell out . . .
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{Tuesday, August 28, 2001}

Joined another webring -- the Web of Witches -- their homepage has a link to both the UnCoven's homepage AND the CyberTemple -- I was very happy to see my pages show up on other people's lists of links.


Build traffic, build traffic, build traffic . . .
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Updated all my Persephone's Realm shop pages with the current Vstore URL.
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