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{Friday, September 07, 2001}

Fixed all the main images in the greeting card section -- I'll do the background images another time -- I want to be able to go to bed before the sun rises . . .
posted by Persephone 5:13 AM
Created a Pagan Personals section using the Bravenet Classified Ad feature. I linked it to the Aphrodite CyberShrine and Consult Aphrodite as well as the UnCoven homepage. Makes sense, no?

I also fixed the broken images in my guestbook by changing the URLs from the Angelfire ones I had before. Now it's back to looking the way I wanted it to.
posted by Persephone 2:58 AM

{Wednesday, September 05, 2001}

Removed the link to "Persephone in Performance" from the UnCoven homepage since I am not going to be performing with Four Winds Earth Chorus. I resigned after receiving a rather nasty email from someone associated with the Inanna performance. This person had been giving me grief for quite a while and I decided I don't need to be a part of this group anymore. Its membership had been sinking for years and most new faces it could attract didn't stick around for very long. Most of the friends I had had in it left long ago. I probably should have left it myself a while back, but -- stupid me! -- I thought things might get better.

Seven and a half years down the tube . . .

Oh well . . .
posted by Persephone 2:23 PM
Added a few links to the Links page and updated the keywords on the News page.
posted by Persephone 1:44 AM
Updated some of my Persephone's Realm pages with new products -- I have to do more work on there to get ready for the holiday shopping season -- it'll be here very, very soon . . .
posted by Persephone 12:35 AM

{Tuesday, September 04, 2001}

Redid the html coding for my guestbook, since Bravenet changed the guestbook code on me & I only found out when doing one of my periodic link checks -- grump grump . . .

Actually, I did that a few days ago (early Saturday AM I believe) but couldn't post to this blog since shortly thereafter my monitor went kablooey and I had to go buy a new one, which I did today. I'd been shopping for one for a while, since I wanted to get one of the new LCD ones, but I didn't like paying almost a grand for a monitor that was no bigger than my old 15" CRT one and that had worse resolution. I needed to get a LCD since the CRTs are just too bloody heavy for me to move around. So I go into the stores, gritting my teeth at the prospect of coughing up major bucks for a so-so monitor or risk a hernia getting a cheaper CRT, when lo & behold! a minor miracle had occurred. There were several different 17" LCD monitors to choose from, including the one I ended up getting for well under what I thought I'd have to pay. I was surprised to find that I could get a nice one in the size & resolution I wanted for less than the price of some of the name brand CRT monitors with equivalent specs.

So now I'm enjoying my shiny new silver monitor as I type these words -- money well spent!
posted by Persephone 11:53 PM