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{Friday, September 14, 2001}

It's been a horrific few days in New York City -- I've spent the last couple of days franticly calling friends and relatives to let them know I was OK (one of the advantages of being in the boonies of Queens . . .) and checking to see if they & their friends & relatives were OK too. Phone service has been really wonky -- sometimes it's easier for me to call long-distance to Florida than it is to call someone a mile or two away. A friend in New Jersey was kind enough to make some calls on my behalf to let people know I was alright. Thank you soooooooo much Jackie!!!!!

So far everyone seems OK, although I haven't heard from a few people -- indirectly I've gotten information that seems to indicate they're safe, which is a big relief.

I created a site called It Was a Beautiful Day in September . . . with links to war deity chapels as well as underworld deity shrines in the CyberTemple and a guestbook for people to tell their stories/memories or just vent. I expect there to be some hate speech, which I might allow to stay as a record of how people felt at the time. If something is too awful, however, I may either edit the entry or delete it entirely, depending on exactly how bad it is.

I've also created a Durga CyberChapel -- given this event, I thought the Hindu protective war goddess should be honored with a place in the CyberTemple. Plus it made me feel a bit better . . .
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{Monday, September 10, 2001}

Fixed up the Persephone's Pets site so it looks nice -- it now has some nice graphics but no photos of my pets (I used some standard photos of black cats for Bast's page) plus small blurbs about them & when they came into my life. I also explained why each one is named after a particular god/dess & gave a very brief description of the deity in question, along with providing a clickable image that will take a visitor to the appropriate chapel of the CyberTemple.

I'm pretty pooped now, so I'll just toddle off to bed now -- the sun's been up for a while already . . .
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Created a Persephone's Pets website in my new iVillage homepage space. It will be the replacement for my former HomePage.com site -- now sadly defunct, since they closed down their free homepage section.

This site is very much under construction, but I've created a page for my aquarium (complete with fish swimming through the bubbles) and uploaded a few graphics & modified some text so it is at least somewhat presentable.

I also created a how-to site & UnCoven site in the new webspace, but haven't created links to them from the main TUCOTS site since I have a lot of work to do on them at this point. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the how-to site yet . . .
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