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{Friday, September 21, 2001}

Updated the "where I was" page in It Was a Beautiful Day in September . . . to include some of the aftermath and something about my reactions to it and to various plans for the site.
posted by Persephone 2:10 AM

{Thursday, September 20, 2001}

Added a page to It Was a Beautiful Day in September . . . that tells the day's events from my point of view -- I thought it might be an interesting addition . . .
posted by Persephone 4:42 AM
My hit counter for It Was a Beautiful Day in September . . . is already at 61 after less than a day. That's pretty impressive (to me) but as time goes on I'm pretty sure it won't get that many hits/day -- although it would be nice if it did . . .

The hit counter on the UnCoven homepage is at 1017 now. It was at only around 250 or so at the beginning of August, so that's more than 750 hits in about 6 weeks -- I guess those webrings & top site listings were worth the bother of setting them up . . .

In case you were wondering why it was only at 250 -- Bravenet had changed their counter code and my counter was therefore not registering any hits whatsoever for quite a while (we're talking more than a year here) -- it took me a while to realize there was a problem with the code because I wasn't fiddling with my website as much as I am now -- I was busy with other things -- I DO have a life outside of cyberspace! Really! I DO! -- and it was a few months before I noticed. Then, being the slowpoke I am -- I'll do it tommorrow/next time I log on/next week/next month -- you get the idea -- it took me a while to actually fix it. So I have no idea how many hits were not counted while I was channeling the Goddess of Procrastination.

Well everything's being counted now . . .
posted by Persephone 1:20 AM

{Wednesday, September 19, 2001}

Put in a hit counter for my It Was a Beautiful Day in September . . . site & set it at 2, since there were two entries in the guestbook already.
posted by Persephone 2:45 AM
Had to fix my Bravenet guestbook, greeting card & personal ads image links again -- my Bravenet website suddenly won't allow image linking unless it's from the site itself, just like with Angelfire. So almost all my image links were broken -- sigh! -- again . . .

So I set up a Bravenet photo album & uploaded everything there & fixed all the links so I have my pictures & backgrounds back -- I hope I won't have to do this again -- it's really annoying . . .
posted by Persephone 1:50 AM