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{Saturday, March 16, 2002}

Added my first member to Persephone's Pagan Picks top site listing page -- I hope this will become a traffic generator for the UnCoven of the Solitaries site as more people sign up for the list.

Build traffic, build traffic, build traffic . . .
posted by Persephone 3:50 PM

{Friday, March 15, 2002}

Well, Bravenet's back online . . .

Unfortunately, all the images I stored in their photo center are gone -- this affects my guestbooks, Pagan Personals and my greeting cards. Also gone are all guestbook entries made after Candlemas (2/2) . . .

So I have to rebuild the photo center, re-upload all my images and re-link them, a task I am NOT looking forward to doing.

Well, at least the counters, chat, email forwarding, etc. are working again, even if they don't look as pretty as they used to (for the time being) . . .
posted by Persephone 2:10 AM

{Thursday, March 14, 2002}

The UnCoven is having an open event for the first time in more than a year -- an outing to a Hinduism exhibit at the Museum of Natural History on the 24th of this month. I have suitably updated the upcoming open events page as well as sent out emails to members and other interested persons and added the event to the members-only website calendar.
posted by Persephone 8:18 PM