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{Friday, March 22, 2002}

Redid the graphics & color schemes of the Fortuna, Bes and Bast chapels and changed the music in the Bast chapel also -- whenever possible I try to have each deity have his/her/its own unique music playing in his/her/its chapel. As mentioned in my 3/20/02 post, sometimes I will have multiple deities using the same music (or graphics even) if necessary as a temporary measure until I can find something more appropriate. Sometimes that can take a while . . .

I also redid the links & graphics on the UnCoven information page as well as joining a few more webrings -- build traffic, build traffic, build traffic . . .
posted by Persephone 2:23 AM

{Wednesday, March 20, 2002}

Replaced the music in the Kuan Yin and Ho T'ai chapels with something more appropriate -- I'd been using Sakura from the Ama no Uzume chapel until I could find something more Chinese. Ho T'ai now has the Tea theme from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker -- a cheery tune for a cheery deity -- while Kuan Yin has a somewhat more melancholy and meditative piece of music from a Chinese classical composer -- the Prelude from Parting at the River Yi by Lin Sheng-shih. Much better I think . . .

I also created a Diana chapel and revamped the color scheme and graphics for the Apollo chapel.
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