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{Thursday, June 13, 2002}

Created a Connect with Other Solitaries page using Bravenet's new GuestMap feature. I've been getting hits from all over the country and the world, many of which included comments that indicated a desire to connect with other solitaries, particularly those in the writer's local area.

Since the UnCoven is based in New York City and the surrounding metro area, there was no way to allow these fellow pagans to connect with us, at least not physically. Coming half-way across the country via plane, car or broom was not a viable option, in my opinion.

This new site feature offers a way around the isolation of solitaries by allowing those who wish to be contacted to place themselves on the map (literally!) so others in their area or across the world can get in contact with them. This may make it easier for solitaries in a particular area to connect with one another -- I consider it a "community-building" feature -- just because one chooses to practice as a solitaire does not necessarily mean one is anti-social!!
posted by Persephone 8:29 AM