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{Friday, June 28, 2002}

Revamped the Consult Esmerelda page by adding the ability to do 3 more types of tarot card readings -- single card, yes-no and 3 card past-present-future. Previously, the only tarot card reading available was Celtic Cross.

This involved having to do some JavaScript and HTML troubleshooting, as the page wouldn't display correctly -- I've got it working now in MS IE and Netscape 6.2 but there are still a few quirks when using the Netscape 4.x browser. Since this browser is becoming obsolete (you can't use it to access my Connect with Other Solitaries page's GuestMap feature, for example), I'm not all that concerned. I'm currently taking a JavaScript class and I may be able to figure out how to fix the problem with the Netscape 4.x browser's display of the page by the time I finish the class -- troubleshooting other people's JavaScript is a right royal pain in the butt!

I also fixed similar problems with the Runes page, again due to using other people's coding -- hopefully soon I'll be able to to create my very own nifty features for this site . . .
posted by Persephone 5:20 PM