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{Friday, July 05, 2002}

Found out the hard way Yahoo has been futzing with my site. My class So You Want to Be a Pagan . . . has been changed into a YahooGroup list/site. This meant I had to go in and make quite a few changes to settings. I also emailed the students about the changes, including a few to the structure of the course. I'm now having them download and read the current month's Famous Pagan Text (and Fairy File, if it is a text) from Persephone's Pagan Files -- I'll eventually create some on-line quizzes and educational games (like mythology Hangman) to test their knowledge of the material, but that'll take me a while to set up.

It's a right royal pain, but it'll probably be good in the long run . . .
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Updated some of my Tripod pages with my new DeadJournal link and edited other parts of the pages as needed. Persephone's Personal Page Portal mostly just had its links revamped while Persephone's Personal Tripod Page had a bit more work done to it in terms of both links and text. At least now there are no more dead links on either page . . .

I also made a few entries into my DeadJournal so that when someone clicks on the link to Persephone Yavanna the Entwife's journal, there is actually something there for them to read . . .
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{Thursday, July 04, 2002}

Created a DeadJournal with the rather non-descript title of Persephone Yavanna the Entwife's journal, which I might possibly change in the future . . .

This journal (as opposed to the Blogger ones) is a more personal weblog, more about what's going on in my life. It has places to put in my mood and the music I'm listening to at the moment I'm adding an entry. I have some friends who are on LiveJournal & I liked the blog format there but didn't feel like having to either cough up cash or beg an access code from someone -- I'm cheap and I admit it! -- so when I came across DeadJournal, where neither was required to sign up, I decided to try it out.

The fact that they have an irreverent attitude was a plus, as was the irony of having a DEAD journal . . .

(For those who are not up on their Greek mythology, the goddess Persephone is Queen of the Dead, hence the above comment . . .)
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{Wednesday, July 03, 2002}

Revamped the Credits page so it now has links to the rest of the site -- before it only had links to the sites where I've gotten graphics or website tools (like guestbooks, counters, etc.) or music.

I'm trying to make the site have a more-or-less consistent look-and-feel plus I want every page to have certain key links -- namely those to the homepage, CyberTemple, my web store, the UnCoven info and member pages and to the contact page for feedback from visitors to the site. (I'm also contemplating a "Support this site!" donation page link but have yet to create the page for it . . .)

Certain sections will have additional key links for navigating a particular subsection of the site -- currently most prevalent in the CyberTemple, which has several sub-loops in its link structure, but in the future to include the astrology section and the Teahouse. As the structure grows more complex, I may eventually create a site map. Currently I don't really feel a need for one, although I'm beginning to wonder if a site search function might not be a good idea . . .
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