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{Saturday, August 03, 2002}

Created a Recommend This Site to Others page to hopefully get some word-of-mouth buzz going about my site.

Build traffic, build traffic, build traffic . . .
posted by Persephone 2:10 PM

{Wednesday, July 31, 2002}

Created a Pagan Community Calendar page that allows visitors to add events themselves (so I don't have to be bothered doing it!) and which will automatically repeat recurring events and delete expired events.

It will primarily be for NYC and Long Island events, but events in upstate NY or the neighboring states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Conneticut will be welcomed also.

I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, both because it is a valuable service to the NYC pagan community and because I think it will be a traffic builder for my collection of websites, just like the webrings and top site listings are. (Build, traffic, build traffic, build traffic . . .)

New Moon NY's former publication, Our Pagan Times (aka OPT), used to have a community calendar/events section, mostly filled with upcoming NMNY events, but it's been dead for more than five years now. There are a few online pagan event guides, but I believe almost all of them involve sending your info to the site owner, who will then post it. This can take a while and the calendar listing page I've set up will be much quicker at posting events since the visitor will put it up themselves and won't have to wait for me to get around to updating the listing of events.

Speaking of which, I've removed the Inti Raimi Andean Sun Festival UnEvent listing from the Upcoming Open Events page, since it's over, and replaced it with the usual "There are no open UnEvents currently scheduled" message that is usually there.
posted by Persephone 2:26 PM