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{Thursday, September 19, 2002}

Created a new index page for the FortuneCity site -- the old one was very out of date -- it'd been up as a placeholder since November 1999! It was rather ugly but the best I could do at the time, given the choices available with the online editor FortuneCity was using back then.
posted by Persephone 5:01 AM
Added a few local events to the Pagan Community Calendar and added the NYC chapter of the Rainbow Family to the Links page, since there is a pretty big overlap there with the local pagan community.

I've also started the (massive) process of uploading the Pagan Files to my FortuneCity site, where they can all be in one place, instead of scatterred over several different sites, as they are currently due to Angelfire's reduction of space for free accounts. Currently I have 100 MBs of space at FortuneCity (up from the 20 I had when I originally registered for the site) plus I can create links to the files from their current Angelfire pages to their location at FortuneCity without having to create a separate series of FortuneCity pages for the files. I had to do that with their current Angelfire locales to get around the "no remote loading" link breakages I had to deal with when using several Angelfire sites, since there was no way I could get them all into one site with the new 20MB limit.

I'm hoping FortuneCity won't decide to decrease the space available for their free accounts or start a "no remote loading" policy like other sites have. That would be a real pain -- it takes a lot of time to upload these files!!
posted by Persephone 2:38 AM