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{Saturday, January 11, 2003}

Revamped the Cernunnos chapel extensively with a new main image, rewrote the text, tweaked the color scheme slightly and set up the chapel's music -- prior to this there had been no music playing there, the only chapel or CyberShrine in the CyberTemple in which this was the case. Given that this is one of the oldest chapels in the CyberTemple, I feel much better now that it has been renovated and is a fitting tribute to one of my favorite deities. (I generally create pages to deities in order of how fond I am of them, with my favorites being the first to go up online. This is not always the case, however, since I may have difficulty finding graphics for someone who I might want very much to honor, such as Sigyn or Daikoku, and therefore they may have to wait a while, since I try not to have too many broken links on my site.)
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{Friday, January 10, 2003}

The Legba chapel is now up. After a long time searching, I finally found a decent picture of him. It includes some saint pictures, since it is a bit of a collage, but the central image is of an older black man with a cane, which is the essence of what he is supposed to look like. It's certainly good enough for now . . .
posted by Persephone 11:06 PM