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{Thursday, January 30, 2003}

Changed the music in the Thor chapel -- now all the chapels have unique pieces of music playing in them once again . . .

Also updated the UnCoven homepage slightly with a link to the download site for the Crescendo music plugin I've been using to play all the MIDI files on the site and a few other notes on surfing the site to maximize the experience for anyone who'se visiting it.
posted by Persephone 10:23 AM

{Sunday, January 26, 2003}

Made a Woden chapel, since I finally found some nice graphics for him. I prefer the Germanic form to the Scandanavian Odin, who seems to be far grimmer and darker in spirit -- Woden seems to me to be a little more friendly.

I also changed the color scheme and the music in the Sigyn chapel and updated the Credits page.
posted by Persephone 8:30 AM