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{Friday, April 25, 2003}

Created a "radio station" at MP3.com for the UnCoven site -- it'll be called The Voice of the Spirits & include whatever pagan-oriented tracks MP3.com allows me to include. I also created another station for my own personal favorite tracks called (at least for now) Persephone's Personal Playlist -- it'll probabably have lots of Bach & other music from the baroque & before, that's for sure!
posted by Persephone 6:34 AM

{Tuesday, April 22, 2003}

Spruced up the Athena chapel with new music -- "Saber Dance" by Khachaturian -- and created a Frigga chapel since the war in Iraq is essentially over in terms of any real fighting (YAY!!) and it is now time to rebuild and keep the peace there -- hence the chapel to the Northern goddess known as the peacemaker . . .
posted by Persephone 4:40 AM