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{Saturday, May 17, 2003}

Added BoingDragon counters to Diary of a Gardening Goddess and Notes from the Underworld since I'm curious as to whether anyone is actually reading my blogs or not. At least this way I'll know how many people are visiting those pages now . . .
posted by Persephone 11:33 PM

{Friday, May 16, 2003}

The UnCoven homepage counter is currently at 7516, so there have been about 2500 visitors since the end of October -- I could be wrong, but I think people like my site . . .

Or at least some people -- at the end of April someone from a Christian site called Dokimos signed the UnCoven guestbook with a rather non-ecumenical/interfaith-oriented message, evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At least the person wasn't rude, so I'll let the prosletyzing message stay up for the time being. I personally find this example of "witnessing to the pagans" to be somewhat more than mildly amusing.

My guess is that the visitor thinks that acting like Paul by preaching the Word according to Jesus Christ in a pagan-oriented website's guestbook will be good for a few "brownie points" when it's time to face St. Peter at the Pearly Gates . . .

I'll admit to being curious as to whether it'll have the desired effect on St. Pete . . . or not . . .
posted by Persephone 4:28 AM

{Monday, May 12, 2003}

Linked The Voice of the Spirits to the Uncoven homepage and added a song ("The Heart of Fangorn" by Brobdingnagian Bards) to Persephone's Personal Playlist. I also added dragon counters from BoingDragon.com to both pages -- I tried to add my usual Bravenet counters but the MP3.com site doesn't allow JavaScript so I used the dragon ones since they're remote-loading GIFs -- plus they're cute & I've been thinking of using them for a while . . .
posted by Persephone 9:44 AM