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{Sunday, May 18, 2003}

Ye gods and little fishes! The available web editors for my AOL page reek right royally!!!

I'd accessed them in order to upload a graphic for my DeadJournal that wouldn't be a broken link when remote-loaded. Easy Designer is anything but easy if you want to get something nicely centered and 1-2-3 Publish has almost no way to customize things. My only alternative to these crappy HTML editor interfaces is to try to use an FTP-type program -- what a headache!

It's just not worth the bother to me right now -- well at least now you know why those pages look horrible . . .

(Please note that I did NOT include a hypertext link to them -- for very good reasons . . .)
posted by Persephone 3:57 AM
Added a BoingDragon counter to my DeadJournal so I could keep track of how many visitors are coming to this site & reading this more personal blog of mine. It took a little longer to add this counter since I had to create a custom style, edit it, then apply it before my snoozing dragon would appear.
posted by Persephone 1:20 AM