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{Sunday, June 01, 2003}

I tweaked some of the coding for my GeoCities site to make it look a bit better. I really don't like their page editor -- it sucks up my compute's resources & is a headache to use compared to the Angelfire editor. Growl . . .
posted by Persephone 8:19 AM
I'm feeling a bit cranky -- my Dave's Garden site/journal is only visible on the web if I become a subscriber to the site -- it's not a free feature. I'd added a few more things but now I'm re-thinking whether I want to bother adding anything else. I'd signed up for the site since I thought I could keep an online garden journal there that anyone surfing my site could view -- that was the point as far as I was concerned. I thought that feature was free but it's not.

I might create the equivalent of this garden journal on one of my other website -- what I'd had on the Dave's Garden site was essentially a database of the plants in my garden -- including details like cultivar, species, location, the history of the plant, why it's part of the garden -- which I can also do on a plain HTML site too, just as well in terms of ease of use, if not better.

I might use my GeoCities site for this -- I've been planning on putting up a gardening site there for a while . . .
posted by Persephone 6:56 AM