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{Tuesday, September 09, 2003}

I'm feeling somewhat cranky about that Christian site I'd mentioned in my 5/16 post re-evangelizing my site's visitors through one of my guestbooks. I've deleted the new entry already & am considering deleting the original entry also now. I'd kept it up since I'd found it amusing but doing it again is just obnoxious behavior.

I decided to sign HIS site's guestbook with my usual blurb about the UnCoven site & what it offers to those who choose to visit it (nowhere NEAR as prosletyzing as his entries have been, btw) -- returning the [*ahem*] favor, as it were -- fair's fair, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander . . .

My entry in his guestbook, however, will have to be approved before it shows up in his guestbook (WIMP!) & frankly I doubt he'll allow it in. If he does approve it, I'll let his entry stay in the guestbook where he first put it -- otherwise that entry (as well as any future ones he should attempt) will be summarily deleted.
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{Monday, September 08, 2003}

Bravenet has gone back to offering graphic-style counters (yay!) so I've been busy updating all the codes on the site.
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